Welcome to the SimVentions SeaPort Enhanced (SSE) Team Web Portal

The key to effectively integrating professional products and support services across the various NAVSEA organizations covered by SeaPort Enhanced is continual communication and coordination with the task order customers, NAVSEA acquisition managers, subcontractor task order leaders, and as appropriate, other SeaPort Enhanced prime contractors. Our team will commit to regular assessments on how we are performing and how we are meeting the customer requirements and expectations. SimVentions will meet with its team members, customers, and other vendors to continually access new ideas and better methods that enable us to continue to perform our tasks in a cost effective manner.

SimVentions is represented by a management team that not only reflects a wide breadth of experience working in the Department of Defense (DoD) market, but by a management team that has been working together side-by-side for almost a decade. This has allowed SimVentions to become quickly established and quickly achieve early successes.

It is SimVentions intention, as the prime contractor of the SSE Team, to ensure that the environment, culture, and entrepreneurial aspirations of the small businesses that have joined us is nurtured, managed, and mentored by us so that our customers are receiving the best solutions and productivity they can possibly get. We value every SSE Team members’ work and their relationship to their customers, which is being connected via our contract. Therefore, it is SimVentions goal to ensure that the introduction of us as the prime contractor in these relationships does not hinder those relationships but enhances them; does not introduce an additional struggle into those relationships that must be overcome but is an additional reason for their success.

As the prime contractor of the SSE Team, SimVentions has an active Top Secret (TS) facility clearance and can support both prime and subcontractor tasking up to this security clearance level. In addition, one of our team mates has a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.